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MAGGI makes meals more nutritious

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MAGGI announced that it has reduced the amount of sodium by up to 55 per cent across its 2 Minute Noodles as part of a journey to improve the nutritional profile of the range. 

MAGGI has been gradually reformulating these recipes, working towards achieving sodium reduction targets for Australia and New Zealand and continuing to look for new ways to adapt products even further, while retaining the signature flavour. 

As part of the journey, MAGGI has also introduced other improvements including the introduction of wholegrain 2 Minute Noodles. Providing a source of fibre, they have been specifically updated for people seeking a combination of balanced and healthy choices, as well as convenience and taste. 

MAGGI also revealed it had removed ingredients unfamiliar to consumers such as maltodextrin and emulsifiers, and replacing them with everyday ingredients including vegetable powders, herbs and spices. 

To help Australians make quick and informed decisions about what goes into their home cooked meals, the majority of its dry Recipe Base products have been reformulated, including Satay Chicken, Butter Chicken, Chilli con Carne, Mexican Nachos, Beef Stroganoff and Devilled Sausages. 

MAGGI nutritionist Vanessa Furlong said consumers wanted transparency and research had revealed they wanted to know exactly what’s in their food.

“The nutrition team at MAGGI is always looking to innovate products based on what consumers want. Recently we conducted consumer research that found clean labelling is a top priority, with Australians wanting to see ingredients listed that they would expect to find in their own kitchen,” she said.