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Australia has decided: Choc & Cream voted ALLEN’S next lolly

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In a contest to determine the next ALLEN’S lolly,choc-lolly fans have rallied behind ALLEN’S Choc & Cream to take out the national vote to see their favourite remix hit the shelves.  

A soft dollop of chocolate flavoured jelly on top of a creamy vanilla flavoured base, the ALLEN’S Choc & Cream has its own special chocolately flavour that’s different to ALLEN’S Chicos.

“A twist on the classic Strawberries & Cream, the Choc& Cream has stolen the hearts of chocoholic lolly-lovers across the nation.It’s the perfect lolly for those fans who love both lollies and chocolate,” saysNestlé General Manager, Confectionery, Martin Brown.

Fans around the country won’t have to wait long as ALLEN’S Choc & Cream will be available exclusively in Woolworths from late March.

ALLEN’S pitted three remixed classics against each otherfor the vote – Funny Teeth, a twist on classic Teeth, Ginger Cats, a sweet and spicy ginger twist on classic Black Cats and the winning Choc & Cream, a new twist on old favourite Strawberries & Cream.

With 46 per cent of total votes, Choc & Cream had theslight edge over Funny Teeth, but a huge jump on the polarising Ginger Cats throughout the two-week voting period.

Facebook fanstold ALLEN’S exactly what they thinkabout the Choc & Cream:

  • “Choc & Cream as allof the Chocolate Lovers out there will buy them” - Todd  
  • “Choc & Cream!!! Ialways buy Strawberries & Cream and Chicos to eat together like a chewy ice cream sundae combo...bin Ginger Cats yuck! Make cherry cats...” - Cole
  • “Choc & Cream mmmmmyummmmm followed by Funny Teeth and don’t worry about Ginger Cats ewww lol” - Ree

Choc & Cream were among the favourite limited edition lollies featured at Australia’s first-ever ALLEN’S Lolly Bar, which ran for four weeks in Sydney in the lead up to Christmas.

Last year, Australia voted to see ALLEN’S Peaches & Cream go solo in its own pack. The new solo edition has proven so popular that the limited edition run has been extended indefinitely.

“ALLEN’S would like to thank everyone who voted for their favourite remix. The vote has been a fantastic success, we can’t wait to see how fans like the Choc &Cream when they hit the shelves in March,” says Mr Brown.

“The ALLEN’S team listen to our fans and love hearing what lollies are their favourites. We’ve loved collaborating over the last couple of weeks with lolly-lovers to decide on our next lolly,” concludes Mr Brown.

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