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Get ready Australia, ALLEN’S Peaches & Cream is going solo

Get ready Australia, ALLEN’S Peaches & Cream is going solo
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The people have decided! 25,542 Australians cast their vote to determine which ALLEN’S lolly gets its own pack.

It’s decided, ALLEN’S Peaches & Cream will dive into its own pack, following a landslide vote by lolly lovers around Australia!

ALLEN’S pitted three crowd favourites against each other – juicy flavoured Peaches & Cream, retro lolly Racing Cars and classic but controversial Black Cats – in a bid to determine which of the three would go solo following passionate consumer requests for the lollies to break out of the party mixes.

Nestlé General Manager, Confectionery, Martin Brown said it was clear from the start that ALLEN’S Peaches & Cream was the hot favourite.  

“Introduced in 1975, Peaches & Cream has always been a party pleaser for its fluffy creamy-flavoured base and peachy flavoured jelly top,” said Mr Brown.

“While thousands took to social media to campaign for their favourite lolly, Peaches & Cream fans were the most vocal, helping to drive it to the top of the competition with 59 percent of the votes,” he said. 
ALLEN’S Peaches & Cream lovers won’t have to wait long as individual bags will be available at Woolworths from late March.

ALLEN’S Peaches & Cream will join the ranks of ALLEN’S Pineapples which broke out into its own bag last year.
“Lolly lovers took to the vote with passion, with many people taking some creative approaches to telling us why they wanted their favourite to win, campaigning for their favourite lolly or reminiscing about sweet childhood memories,” says Mr Brown.

ALLEN’S would like to thank everyone who voted for their favourite, and while fans of ALLEN’S Black Cats and ALLEN’S Racing Cars will naturally be disappointed that their choice didn’t break through, Mr Brown said – “Never-say-never”.

“With 125 years in confectionery we know that listening is the key to creating lollies the nation loves. The vote has been a fantastic success and we can’t wait to see how fans take to the new bags of ALLEN’S Peaches & Cream,” Mr Brown said. 

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