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Allen’s Launch OAK- Inspired Milk Bottle Flavours

Oak Milk Bottles
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Is there anything better than two legends coming together? We think not! Today, Allen’s iconic Milk Bottles - which has been around since the 70s and loved by Aussies all over – has a new, OAK-inspired taste.

The new Milk Bottles come in two OAK-inspired packs. The first, is inspired by OAK classic flavours, including creamy Chocolate, sweet Strawberry and delicious Vanilla Malt. The second, is set to be a favourite among coffee lovers, featuring OAK Iced Coffee flavoured Milk Bottles.
With two Aussie classics coming together, the new and nostalgic range is sure to inspire a trip down memory lane and bring smiles to lolly lovers across the nation. 
Allen’s OAK-inspired Milk Bottles mixed bag (RRP $2.99) is available now in the lolly aisle, nationwide at Coles, Woolworths and Independents. Allen’s OAK-inspired Iced Coffee bag (RRP $2.99) is available at Coles and independents only.