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Why supporting gender diversity is so important to us

When all employees can contribute and are well supported to do so, we all benefit, we reflect the community we serve, and our business is more successful as a result.

In aiming for strong gender diversity, we acknowledge the need to address historical imbalances.

Since 2019, our internal reporting on gender pay has given us valuable insights to progress towards a more diverse, fair, and equitable workplace. We have a plan to improve representation in all roles and levels of our business, and are actively looking at ways we can advocate equality.

What we are doing to drive change

Our organisation is complex, but our approach is simple: we champion inclusion. Gender representation across our business is an important area of focus, especially in our most senior roles, but we also aim to increase female representation in our operations areas, which are historically male dominated. 

The Gender Balance Acceleration Plan

Our Gender Balance Acceleration Plan puts equality into action. This plan includes elements that support managers, and those that support employees:

  • Supporting all managers to foster an inclusive workplace and ensuring that they are trained on unconscious bias.
  • Encouraging the use of Nestlé's paid parental leave program and flexible work policies in place.
  • Enhancing mentoring and sponsorship programs to prepare high-potential women for senior positions. 
  • Reviewing results with senior leaders to promote gender balance and ensure progress. 
  • Continuing our efforts to champion equal pay and gender pay gaps.

We review the impact of these activities with senior leaders to promote gender balance and check in on progress so we can and adjust as needed.

Our Gender Pay reporting

Australian organisations with more than 100 employees are required to publish gender pay data through the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA).

The “gender pay gap” is calculated by comparing the median earnings for men and women, regardless of the work they do.

The Gender Pay Report does not look at equal pay.

Equal pay is where individuals are paid similarly for similar roles; where pay decisions are based on relevant factors only, such as job function and performance, and not on factors that should not impact pay decisions, like gender. We are proud to have equal pay practices at Nestle. This confirms that we have a gender-neutral approach to pay decisions, our gender pay gap is not due to equal pay issues.

Gender pay matters because representation matters.

Gender pay reporting can highlight where there are differences in gender representation in an organisation.

Reviewing gender pay brings increased transparency and accountability on our journey to improving gender balance. This is important as part of our ongoing commitment to foster a culture where everyone thrives.

Our organisation is unique

Our presence in Australia includes office and field locations, 6 manufacturing sites, 2 distribution centres and 19 Nespresso boutiques. With the diversity of roles in FMCG, manufacturing, warehousing and retail operations comes a diverse range of professions, occupations and trades. 

This complexity impacts our gender pay, and is reflected in a gender pay gap.

As we look across our business, we see some high-level patterns in gender emerge in some types of employment and business functions:

  • We have a slightly higher proportion of women (56%) than men (44%) in our office and field sales roles
  • Our manufacturing sites and distribution centres have a high proportion of men (over 70%). 
  • Nespresso boutiques and casual merchandising roles are predominantly filled by women (almost 80%).

Our large, varied business offers a breadth of opportunity, but we recognise there are areas we need to focus on to improve gender balance. Our gender pay report highlights this.

Our data at a glance

The 2023 report covers around 3,800 employees of Nestlé Australia, across all business and sites in Australia. 

This data enables us to target our efforts in addressing the gender pay gap.



Read more about our Gender Acceleration Plan here.