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Creating career pathways behind the camera for First Nations Australians



Tuck in!

Tuck in! is a program created by Nestlé supporting emerging First Nations creatives to establish career pathways in commercial content creation.

Under the program, First Nations chefs and aspiring content creators develop recipe and video content that brings together bush food with iconic Nestlé brands.

Tuck in! was developed after Nestlé struggled to find First Nations videographers, stylists and producers to create content for a NAIDOC Week campaign. The underrepresentation of First Nations creators in this space prompted Nestlé to focus on how it could help create pathways for future First Nations creators. And so, Tuck in! was born. Tuck in! brings First Nations creators into the world of content creation, production and media with some of Australia's biggest brands and media companies. Delivered in partnership with News Corp Australia content agency Suddenly, the content is shared across Food Corp, Australia’s largest network of news and food titles and can be found on social channels and websites of Nestlé and its brands, along with


Behind the scenes images from the Tuck in! shoot day.

Behind The Scenes Video

Check out our behind the scenes program video featuring our emerging content creators to understand more about Tuck in!

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The recipes

Tuck in! launched in 2022 with two brands – NESCAFÉ Blend 43 and Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk.

Prominent First Nations chef Keith Munro, of Shell House Dining Room & Terrace in Sydney, created recipes using these products in conjunction with bushfoods.

First Nations graduates of the Australian Film and Television and Radio School were offered a paid, professional opportunity to create the recipe content.

In addition, the graduates were supported by Nestlé Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Development Program (AYDP) high school students, who were given a work experience opportunity.

From macadamia amaretti biscuits using Nestlé Sweetened Condensed Milk to coffee, wattleseed and dark chocolate brownies using NESCAFÉ Blend 43, Tuck in! tapped into Australians’ growing interest in bushfoods with content that encourages home cooks to try cooking with bushfoods at home – while at the same time, offering a fresh creative opportunity for young graduates.

You can access these recipes here on

Get involved and Tuck in!

Nestlé has a long history of supporting young First Nations Australians since the launch of the AYDP in 2010. This is the flagship program of our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

We’re committed to our purpose of unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come and we welcome opportunities to work with First Nations Australians.

Are you an emerging First Nations content creator who wants to get involved and Tuck in!? Get in touch via LinkedIn with Charleen, Head of Content or Rashna, Community Programs and Partnerships Manager.