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Our RAP Artwork

Brooke Sutton is a contemporary Indigenous artist from the Kalkadoon people from the Mount Isa area in Queensland. Brooke was part of the Nestlé Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Development Program (AYDP) Girls Academy program in Kepnock, Queensland.

Artist Brooke Sutton explaining the Nestlé Innovate RAP artwork

This painting is called ‘Nestlé’s Journey’.

In my painting the large brown community symbol with the Nestlé logo in the middle represents Nestlé’s beginning in Australia and the ring around the community symbol represents Nestlé’s expansion from the past to the present. The U’s on the inside of the community symbol represents all of Nestlé’s employees.

The handprint in the bottom right corner of the painting represents Nestlé’s founder, Henri Nestlé, and the beginning of his business in 1867. The white of the handprint represents the first product that Henri developed, milk-based products for babies. The footprints that travel from the handprints to the community symbol represents Nestlé’s journey from 1867 to 1908, when Nestlé began in Australia.

The footprints that travel from the community symbol to the top of the painting represents their journey into the future. The three smaller orange, blue and green community symbols represents Nestlé’s three purpose pillars: Individuals and families, Communities and Planet. The large lines, in the colours of Nestlé’s Nesquick flavours: strawberry, banana and chocolate, connecting the Nestlé community symbol to these pillars represents Nestlé’s strive to support and empower first nations peoples and communities through these pillars.

The people symbols around the three community symbols represents Nestlé enriching their business with diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives to create career pathways for First Nations Peoples. The smaller purple community just to the right of the Nestlé community symbols with the ear inside of it represents them listening to the voices of First Nations Peoples to ensure their vision for reconciliation enhances the lives of all Australians. The circle with the icons in the bottom left corner of the painting represents Nestlé’s purpose. How they are the “Good Food, Good Life Company” and how they are all about unlocking the power of food to enhance the quality of life for everyone today and for generations to come.

The boomerang in the top left corner of the painting represents the millions of customers who continuously return and support Nestlé by buying their products. The white, peach and pink circles along the bottom of the painting represents Nestlé’s previous and continuous support for First Nations Peoples through AYDP via nutrition education initiatives and career mentorship.

The smaller community symbols throughout the painting represents Nestlé creating partnerships via community engagement and the white spirit trails connecting the community symbols represents Nestlé uniting nourishing and helping people express and celebrate their culture and heritage through the power of food.

The sun in the top right corner of the painting represents Nestlé striving to create a better future and the rays shining from the sun represents Nestlé’s commitments to sustainability. The small stars throughout the painting represents Nestlé’s 13 factories (in blue), 5 distribution centres (in pink) and 20 office locations (in red) across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

The Leaves, sand, shells and mountains represents all of the diverse and beautiful places that Nestlé’s products can be found all over Australia.

About the Artist

Brooke Sutton

Brooke Sutton, a contemporary Aboriginal artist and proud Kalkadoon woman, ignited her passion for painting at the tender age of 8. Her talent was not only evident but also celebrated as she triumphed in numerous local art competitions and was commissioned for several artworks, all while still in school. This early recognition of her artistic prowess is a beacon of inspiration, a testament to her dedication and talent.

Brooke's artistic journey has been marked by prestigious collaborations and commissions. She has worked with esteemed organizations such as Queensland Police, Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages, Australian Department of Defence, Nestle, Chubb Fire & Security, ESCOSA, MBMPL, T2, JCDECAUX, and Spencil, among others. These partnerships and commissions have not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of these organizations but also served as powerful mediums to communicate their values and messages, a testament to the recognition and respect her art commands.

Brooke has a painting hanging in Queensland Government House, a prestigious honour that underscores the recognition her art has received. She also designed the 2022 Indigenous round guernsey for the Carlton AFL club, a significant platform that allowed her to share her cultural heritage with a wide audience. These achievements, along with her recent collaboration with T2 where her artwork adorns tea wares and merchandise sold worldwide, and her exclusive range of gifts released in collaboration with National Geographic and QBD Books, are a testament to her growing influence and appeal.

Brooke Sutton is an incredibly talented young artist who paints captivating stories of her people. Each painting is a unique masterpiece showcasing her exceptional colour, composition, and texture skills. Her artwork takes you on a visual journey, with rich, intricate narratives that testify to her creativity. Brooke has already built a strong reputation and has a growing client base, including government departments and collectors worldwide. Her artwork is highly valued and unique, making it a musthave investment for anyone interested in purchasing art for the future.