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Our RAP Artwork



About the Artwork

Artist Statement

Titled Good Food, Good Life, this painting represents Nestlé and the decade long partnership with Girls Academy Australia. Symbolism is used throughout the painting to convey various elements of the partnership. 

Nestlé and the ‘Good Food’ it provides to the community are represented by the bird and nest in the centre of the painting. The people on the outer edges of the circle are celebrating a healthy and ‘Good Life’. 

The travelling lines and eleven smaller white and pink community symbols represent the Nestlé factories and offices in Australia. The bird footprints denote Nestlé’s journey from 1887 to present day, with the human footprints symbolising Nestlé’s commitment to the Traditional Owners of the land. 

Sporting equipment signifies living a healthy, active lifestyle, while the sun represents Nestlé’s commitment to enhancing quality of life for all. 

The cup and waterholes represent calcium and the various milk-based products that Nestlé creates. The coffee beans, chocolate, wheat, oats, confectionery, fruit and flowers symbolise some of the many ‘Good Foods’ that Nestlé provides to supermarkets and consumers every day. The energy gained from consuming these foods is represented by the white dotted bubbles.


RAP artwork


About the Artist

Brooke Sutton

At only 16 years old, this talented contemporary Aboriginal artist and proud Kalkadoon woman was announced the winner of the Nestlé Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Development Program Artwork Competition in 2020. 

Brooke’s painting titled Good Food, Good Life represents Nestlé’s ten-year partnership with Girls Academy. 

Girls Academy was the flagship program of Role Models and Leaders Australia. Their mission was to empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls through school-based mentoring and leadership.

Brooke was part of the Girls Academy program in Kepnock, Queensland.