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Allen’s Red Frogs… more than just a lolly!

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Allen’s is proud to spark conversations together with Red Frogs Australia - encouraging young people to make positive life choices.

Red Frogs Australia is a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide a positive peer presence in environments where young people gather, working to educate young people on safe partying behaviour, and empower youth to make positive choices for their future.

The iconic Allen’s Red Frog lolly is used by Red Frogs Australia volunteers to break the ice and signal a safe space for over 1.4 million young people each year at ‘Schoolies’, sports games, concerts and more.

And to make these connections possible Allen’s donates approximately 24 tonnes of Red Frogs lollies annually to this important cause.

When the lolly is handed to someone it stops being just a lolly – it sends a message that we care, you matter, and we believe in you.

Learn more about Red Frogs Australia.