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HR Initiatives

Performance & Talent Management

We pride ourselves in attracting, retaining and developing talented people. The ongoing development of our people in terms of technical and leadership skills is critical to the long term success of the company.

We continued the embedding of our performance evaluation processes and further evolution of our talent management processes with additional emphasis placed on succession planning. This included the ongoing investment in the involvement of over 200 management staff in dedicated talent management and succession planning sessions (referred to as People Days) across all parts of the business.


In 2013 we continued with our in-house recruitment model and successfully placed 528 people in vacant or new roles. We refreshed our global “Employee Value Proposition” (EVP) in line with a global refresh and local research and communicated this via our external careers portal and Linked in. We also rolled out targeted training to more than 100 people leaders involved in the recruitment process to further enhance and better manage our resourcing. This training was designed to ensure we make effective recruitment decisions and build a positive relationship with new employees.

Training and development

Nestlé Oceania is committed to the training and development of our employees, and in 2013 we delivered a total of 200 days of professional, leadership and commercial training throughout Oceania. In 2013 over $750,000 was spent on Professional and Leadership training.

Some of the training courses delivered in 2013:

  • International Training Centre: In 2013, 20 employees attended programs run at this facility at our training centre.
  • Everyday Coaching: A program that develops People leaders into skilled coaches. 
  • New Product Development: A new consumer-centric course. In 2013, 42 employees attended the course.
  • Feedback Fit - Looking at feedback in a dynamic way. More than 120 people attended this program in 2013.
  • Inspiring Leadership: Strengthening capabilities for leading, engaging and inspiring staff to strive for results. 
  • Mentoring@Nestlé Oceania: Help to foster career aspirations of employees. 


Our company provides an environment where recognition is valued and we celebrate the people who make Nestlé great; our employees. Our GreatNes program has continued with great success over the past three years, with our employees understanding the value of saying ‘Thank you’.

Results from our 2012 Nestlé & I survey demonstrated that our recognition culture had improved. In 2013, recognition awareness campaigns included another tool, the simple device of recognition sticky notes, to provide another mechanism to encourage less formal and timelier recognition.

Our GreatNes program will continue to demonstrate that recognition is an important part of creating a positive and engaging work environment, and will inspire employees to do their best. In 2014 we will look to make recognition more meaningful and memorable for our employees.


Nestlé aspires to being the world’s leading Nutrition Health and Wellness Company.

The aim of our WellNes program is to support employees to achieve a sustainable change in mind, body and soul that improves their health outcomes over the long term. We recognise that lifestyle factors, such as poor diet or sedentary behaviour contribute enormously to long term poor health. Whilst education plays a role in improving health outcomes, education alone is ineffective – many of us know what we need to do to be healthy, but we fail to take action.

In 2013, our Blacktown factory participated in a pilot program developed by the NSW Department of Health, to assist organisations to promote good health amongst their employees. This pilot has provided us with a model that we can deploy at other sites to prioritise areas of need, identify barriers, engage effectively with employees and develop interventions that are targeted and sustainable. Feedback from employees covered by the pilot has been positive.