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Water, more than any other substance, is essential for human survival and cannot be replaced. Responsible water stewardship is critical for us all and to the future of our business.


A global water crisis is threatening food security and with demand for water set to rise by 50% by 2030, water scarcity is a likely scenario for billions of people. In Oceania we set a target of reducing water consumption by 4% per tonne of product. To achieve this we focused primarily on each of our site’s Eco Reduction Plans. We fell slightly short of our 2013 target as a result of a number of factors that included changes in production and natural events.

Case study: Tongala reclaims waste water

The evaporator at our factory in Tongala in regional Victoria, operates 110 hours a week and was using 39 litres of water every few minutes to keep it cool.

A project team devised a plan to capture this water and re-direct it to a tank to be used across the site which produces CARNATION milks and cooking creams. The project is proving to be successful with around 11,232,000 litres of reclaimed water being used in other parts of the factory.