Nestlé & AIS Teachers Resource

In 1999, in partnership with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), we developed “Get the AIS into your Classroom” – a resource for teachers which provides lesson plans on the importance of healthy eating, nutrition and physical activity for upper primary school students. In 2011, in response to feedback we received from teachers and education professionals, this resource was reviewed, updated and re-launched as “Healthy Active Classroom”. The re-vamped resource is free and easily accessible online, and is aligned with the curriculum of every Australian state and territory. The resource also includes pre-and-post-training assessment components to test its effectiveness.

More than half of Australian primary schools are now registered as users of the online resource, which represents a 50% increase of registrations compared to 2010 – a result we are proud of even though we acknowledge there is more to do to reach every Australian primary school.