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NAN Organic Launch

From September 2018 we will be introducing a new organic range to our portfolio, NAN Organic. The new range will include NAN Organic 1, NAN Organic 2 and NAN Organic 3.


We have tried to answer some of the questions you might have below. If you feel we have missed anything, please call our Careline on 1800 468 8736 or send your question here.

Q: What does it mean to be NASAA certified organic?

A:  Organic certification is founded on the principle of producing food in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way, through soil regeneration, water conservation and animal welfare; and minimising the negative known or reasonably possible impacts.

Q: The tin states 97% Organic - What is the other 3%?
They are predominantly vitamins, minerals, nutritive substances that cannot be organic as they are not of agricultural origin and ingredient such as soy lecithin, probiotics and fish oil that are not available in organic form and are considered acceptable non organic ingredient according to NASAA.
Q: Which organisation has certified this formula? What is their criteria?
A: The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) has certified this formula organic. 

Certification criteria include:
- Promoting biodiversity by growing a variety of crops
- Preventing soil erosion and improving soil quality
- Conserving energy
- Protecting wildlife, stream banks and watersheds
- Avoiding the use of synthetic or artificially produced pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers or GMOs (genetically modified, transgenic organisms)

To learn more about NASAA please visit for more information