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Responsible Advertising & Marketing


We have long been a proponent of responsible marketing to children. Our own communication principles, as well as the Nestlé Policy on Marketing Communication to Children, mandate that all communication to children follow responsible marketing principles and are limited to foods and beverages that meet a specific nutritional profile.

As a founding member of the International Food & Beverage Alliance (IFBA), we are also committed to complying with its Global Policy on Advertising and Marketing Communications to Children.
Our progress to date

We are committed to continuing to raise awareness on all criteria for marketing to children across our organisation, and have developed a tailor-made web-based tool to embed understanding of our policy among our marketers and external agency partners.
This tool is based on Nestlé brand examples and, having been piloted in six markets, it has been rolled out at the end of 2016.

We also work with our industry partners to establish pledges on marketing to children; in particular, in countries where there is no self-regulation or regulation of advertising. In 2016, new pledges were established and strengthened in many countries, and these industry commitments now extend to 51 countries.

Our objectives:
By 2017: In support of the implementation of the Nestlé Policy on Marketing Communication to Children, we will roll out targeted training for our marketing teams globally.
By 2017: Promote to children only choices that are core to a nutritious diet.

Nestlé Marketing Communication to Children Policy