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Scam emails and fake Nestlé campaigns

There are fraudulent e-mails and fake campaigns circulating on the internet and mobile phones from people pretending to represent Nestlé.

Some emails and/or texts (SMS) claim that you have won a competition, or will receive a special prize. Others encourage you to apply for non-existent jobs at Nestlé. In other cases, fraudsters provide actual job contracts with false signatures from members of our executive board or senior leadership teams. In return the requestor asks you to provide your personal details, and in some cases, money. We are also aware of fake or compromised LinkedIn profiles, created for the same purpose.

These are hoaxes. Please ignore any request to send your personal details. We would never operate in this way. Click here for visual examples.

If you have received or are aware of this type of communication and have concerns, please report it to us via [email protected]  

Job scams

July 2020 – Fake Nestlé jobs advertised (Australia)
August 2019 - Fake Nestlé job interview letter (Australia) 

We are aware of fraudulent job notices and phishing/scam emails which claim to be sent from Nestlé Australia. These emails are designed to look genuine, including using our address and the Nestlé logo. If you see a job post or receive an email regarding a role with Nestlé Australia, please be aware that:

  • Nestlé Australia advertises legitimate jobs on here on our website.
  • We never require applicants to pay to apply for a job, or require payment to commence work with Nestlé.
  • Applicants for any role in Nestlé Australia must have legal rights to work in Australia. 
  • We will never direct you to a third party website to pay a fee to process a visa to come to Australia.

Some emails request the recipient participate in a recruitment program, such as “The Multi-National General Job Application”, which require the recipient to provide personal information and in some instances recipients are requested to send money to process the job application or are directed to a third party website to pay a visa immigration fee.

Other emails require the recipient to provide personal information along with copies of their passport and identity card/drivers licence. 

Nestlé Australia does not have a :”Multi-National General Job Application” program.
These job notices and emails are not genuine. 
If you receive any suspicious emails purporting to come from Nestlé Australia, please forward it as an attachment to your email to [email protected]

To find out more information about scams in Australia and how to protect yourself please visit:


Fake Nescafé competition via mobile telephone (Papua New Guinea) August 2019

Residents of Papua New Guinea are being sent a text which claims to be from Nestlé’s Nescafé team. It identifies SIM phone numbers as a winner of cash in a competition. This competition is not genuine and is in no way associated with Nestlé.  Please delete this message. Do not call this number or provide any personal information to the sender of the text.