Where To Find Our Products

To find answers to some of your most frequently asked questions on products, click on the links below.

    Q: I have been looking for a particular Nestlé product and have been unable to find it? I just want to know if it is still available?
    A: The majority of our products are in full national distribution and therefore available at most supermarkets. However, it is the retailers who decide which products go to their individual stores. Therefore, it can be difficult to provide specific details of shops stocking our products.

    For a list of our products which have been discontinued, please click here (pdf, 405Kb)

    Q: I have been overseas and was able to get a certain Nestlé product or variety of a Nestlé product over there but I have not seen it/them in Australia. Is there any way of purchasing the product through Nestlé?
    A: Unfortunately, many Nestlé products that are available overseas are not available for sale in Australia. Consumer tastes can vary greatly from country to country and hence the Nestlé product range will also. We constantly review our range of products and if research indicates that a product will be popular in Australia, we may introduce this to our range. However, some Nestlé overseas products may be imported independently and therefore sometimes available through specialty shops, such as lolly shops and gourmet delis.

    Q: Can I buy products directly from you?
    A: Unfortunately, we do not sell directly to the public.

    Q: How can I buy your products in bulk?
    A: To buy products in bulk, you would need to contact a wholesaler or distributor and would be required to have an ABN. For a list of distributors of Nestlé products, please visit our Nestlé Professional website at www.nestleprofessional.com.au. We would then recommend that you contact a wholesaler in your area and discuss with them the possibility of purchasing the product that you require.

    Q: I would like to install a Nescafé vending machine in my business / office. What do I need to do?
    A: Nestlé has available a wide range of vending machines including benchtop machines. For information about these, please visit “Soluble Beverage Solutions” located under the "Beverage Expertise" area of our Nestlé Professional website www.nestleprofessional.com.au. To arrange for a company representative to speak with you and discuss your options please contact Nestlé Professional during business hours on 1800 20 30 501800 20 30 50 FREE and select option 2.

    Q: Where can I buy single serve sachets of Nescafé coffee and Nestlé Hot Chocolate Complete Mix?
    A: As these products are particularly designed for the Foodservice area they are only stocked by catering suppliers or wholesale grocers. You need to be the holder of an ABN to be able to purchase these products from a distributor or wholesaler. We would recommend that you visit our Nestlé Professional website www.nestleprofessional.com.au where you will find a list of distributors of these types of products.

    As an alternative, you may wish to try Nescafé Café Menu coffee sachets which is a similar product available in the retail market.

    Q: Who do I contact to ask about Peters Ice Cream?
    A: Nestlé sold its Peters Ice Cream business and all local brands to Australasian Food Group Pty Ltd in August 2012. Nestlé retained its Global ice Cream brands, including Drumstick, Heaven, Maxibon, Skinny Cow and Milo Scoop Shake. For more information or to ask about one of the products call 1800 633 2001800 633 200 FREE or click here

    Q: I am currently living outside of Australia but I want to buy some of your products. Can I buy these directly from you?
    A: Unfortunately, we do not sell direct to the public, however there are retailers in Australia who, under special licences, can forward small quantities to other countries. You may like to contact Aussie Food Shop www.aussiefoodshop.com or About Australia www.about-australia-shop.com.