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UNCLE TOBYS Snacking Range: Nutritious Lunchbox Snack Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration for your kid’s lunchbox snacks or even your own, then check out the UNCLE TOBYS snacking range. You’ll find a great variety of nutritious snacks ideas that kids will love.

  • UNCLE TOBYS MUESLI BARS – Chewy, Crunchy & Yoghurt Topps – provide a great source of fibre, making them the perfect snack for kids on the go.
  • UNCLE TOBYS LE SNAK is a great tasting fun snack, as well as a source of calcium.
  • UNCLE TOBYS FRUIT FIX has the Heart Foundation Tick of approval, and each snack provides ‘one serve of fruit’.
  • UNCLE TOBYS ROLL-UPS are delicious snacks that kids love. They’re made with real fruit and now contain 40% less sugar*.
  • UNCLE TOBYS BODYWISE is the latest range in delicious adult nutritious snacks. Available in Weight Maintenance & Digestive Balance variants. Each bar is National Heart Foundation Tick approved.

*40% less sugar than our previous recipe

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