Nestlé Aboriginal Youth Development Program

Working together to change communities by empowering young Indigenous girls

In 2017 we continue to build on our Aboriginal Youth Development Program (AYDP), supporting Role Models and Leaders Australia (RMLA), a not-for-profit organisation which empowers Indigenous girls at high school through leadership, sport and education.

The Girls Academy Program, RMLA’s key program, works within the school system to drive community led solutions aimed at reducing the barriers that prevent Indigenous girls from completing their education and reaching their full potential. The Girls Academy equips Indigenous girls with the tools required to engage in their education, achieve their goals and change their communities.

The program objectives include:
1. Increase school attendance
2. Advance academic and personal achievement
3. Improve year 12 graduation rates
4. Facilitate post-school transition planning

Over the 7 years Nestlé has been working together the Girls Academy to provide them with education and support within the areas of Nutrition, Health and Wellness.

In 2016 we worked with more than 1,500 girls at 16 Academies and in 2017 we are aiming to increase this number to 2,500 girls at 39 Academies. By supporting the girls at the Academies, the benefits of the programs will flow on to the girls families, communities and to future generations of Australia – both Indigenous and non-Indigenous.

Our involvement with the Girls Academy is part of the Nestlé commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals “Good Health and Wellbeing”

2017 Program Targets:
• Roll out of Nutrition Corners in all 39 Academies – a dedicated space within the Girls Academy room where girls can learn about health and nutrition
• 8 week structured Nutrition Lesson Plans to be implemented in all Academies
• Nestlé Mother Daughter Cooking Program operating in all Academies
• Launch of the inaugural Nestlé $20,000 Scholarship
• Program Managers and Development Officers trained in Nutrition and Leadership
• Leadership training for 30 girls at our ‘Future Leaders’ event in October 2017