Nestlé factory invests in gluten free production

Feb 21, 2019

Nestlé today unveiled a new facility which will expand the availability of gluten free products in Australia and New Zealand.

The new facility, at Nestlé’s factory in South Auckland, will produce gluten free products in the Maggi range as well as Nestle Docello – dessert mixtures used in professional food service.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Bill English officiated at the opening of the advanced controlled production facility.

The site’s annual exports of over $60 mare expected to increase as the expanded capacity, backed by robust quality assurance systems give confidence in a true gluten free offer, unlocking new potential.

Nestlé NewZealand CEO, Veronique Cremades, said the investment goes beyond the factory alone.

“Our international research and development program now allow us to create high quality gluten free products that taste great and maintain texture. Gluten free no longer means compromise,” Ms Cremades said.

“Careful product development means a wide range of products will be made gluten free,including a selection of Maggi products sold in supermarkets for at-home use, and a wide range of Maggi flavour boosters, recipe bases, gravies, sauces, soups and Nestlé Docello dessert mixtures used in professional food service.”

Ms Cremadessaid that it is just one of many ways Nestlé is responding to consumers’ health needs.

Nestlé’s Cambria Park site has seen 55 years of innovation since it opened in 1962. Now the regional hub for Maggi, the factory produces Maggi and Nestlé Docello culinary products for home and food service, as well as a number of confectionery products.