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GoodLife Quiz Competition

Initial LastName State Postcode
Major Winner C Haddad NSW 2134
Minor Winners J Jom QLD 4109
K Carnell SA 5351
A Coles QLD 4012
B Culverwell WA 6061
D Williams-Eisentrager QLD 4340
F Greig Lower North Island 4110
C Batten NSW 2380
C Pierce NSW 2099
L Armstrong QLD 4509
L Lush NSW 2142
L O'Shea VIC 3039
C Smedes VIC 3140
J Taylor Lower North Island 4110
K Mcphail-thompson NSW 2370
C Hood South Island 7614
D Raine Upper North Island 3800
L Morris NSW 2257
K Rozier VIC 3004
P Lomas Upper North Island 295
P van Rosendal QLD 4553
A Atkin TAS 7011
H Percy Lower North Island 4410
S Vincent Upper North Island 932
N Drake QLD 4702
W Laird Lower North Island 4112
M Harding QLD 4562
S Bhardwaj VIC 3977
J Woods Lower North Island 5512
S Graves NSW 2125
A Carter WA 6525
V Walker Lower North Island 5019
E Collins VIC 3039
L Davies Upper North Island 2113
P Smith SA 5108
S Beardsley South Island 8025
J Clarke NSW 2113
Y Harding Upper North Island 2110
P Smith South Island 7700
I Miles Upper North Island 812
J Wylie VIC 3951
N Muir Upper North Island 3206
S Warren NSW 2304
H Preston NSW 2263
L Laird QLD 4883
S Nankivell SA 5211
M Hall SA 5159
J Ansley Upper North Island 3432
L Wale NSW 2528
A Liew WA 6101
C Sands Lower North Island 4702