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Percentage Daily Intake %DI

%DI%DI looks like thumbnails on the front of packaging, %DI stands for ‘percentage daily intake’.

%DI is a guide to help you make informed choices about the food you eat. Daily Intakes are based on an average diet and can help you understand what’s in your food and how it fits within your balanced diet.

See how our products fit into your day:


Your DI may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs. Energy and therefore nutrient needs vary from person to person depending on gender, age, weight and how much activity you do. People who are very active need more energy than inactive people. Young children also have lower energy needs. Check out your %DI

To help you read a %DI label on your favourite products, we have an example that shows what 1 serve of Milo(20g) made with 200mls reduced fat milk contains, and how this contributes to your DI.

The DI for energy is 8,700kJ. One serve of Milo and Milk gives you 770kJ which is 9% of your daily energy intake.

Saturated Fat
The DI for saturated fat is 24g. One serve gives you 3.3g which is 14% of your daily saturated fat intake.

The DI for sugar is 90g. One serve gives you 20.1g which is 21% of your daily sugar intake.

The DI for sodium is 2,300mg. One serve gives you 130mg which is 6% of your daily sodium intake.

It is important to remember that %DI’s are an acceptable intake rather than a recommended target, and that they provide a benchmark suitable for most people.

Do all products have %DI on packs?

Lollies and chocolates have a slightly different message on the front of pack. These foods will have the “Be Treatwise” message on the front of their pack. The Be Treatwise message points you to the more detailed %DI information and portion guidance on the back of pack and encourages you to think about the treats you are choosing and guides you on how the treat can be enjoyed as part of a well balanced diet. For more information on Be Treatwise go to