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AYDP - Scholarship

Nestlé AYDP Scholarship


Nestlé Australia will award $20,000 in scholarships in 2020 to help girls from the Girls Academy pursue tertiary education

Nestlé Australia will award $20,000 in scholarships to help girls from the Girls Academy pursue tertiary education in 2020. Nestlé will award 4 x $5,000 or 2 x $10,000 scholarships to assist with daily living expenses associated with studying. The scholarship will be awarded to students who have graduated from Year 12 in 2019 and qualify to enrol in tertiary education.

Eligibility & Selection of Students

The Nestlé AYDP Scholarship is open to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander girls who are enrolled in the Girls Academy and will complete Year 12 in 2019 and intend to pursue tertiary education at university, TAFE, private college or any other tertiary institution.

Applications for scholarships close on 1 November 2019. The successful scholarship applicants will be announced in December 2019 (pending enrolment in the nominated course) with scholarships being paid in 2 equal instalments – pending proof of enrolment (paid in March 2020) and proof of successful completion of the first six months of the course and continuing enrolment (paid in August 2020).

The decision on offers to students will be made by a Selection Panel that will include delegates from the Girls Academy and Nestlé Australia. Interviews of the applicants (either in person or via Skype) may form part of the selection process. The decisions by the Selection Panel will be final.

Successful applicants will be required to:

  • Enrol into their intended tertiary course
  • Remain enrolled for a minimum duration of one year
  • Speak about the opportunity at Girls Academy and Nestlé events where appropriate
  • Maintain appropriate standards of behaviour during the course that aligns with Girls Academy expectations 

How to Apply

Students must complete the Nestle AYDP Scholarship Application Form and submit it by 1 November 2019.

Application Form

Please note no late applications will be permitted. 

Key dates

1 November 2019

Nestlé AYDP Scholarship Applications close

December 2018

Scholarships Awarded

March 2020

Nestlé AYDP Scholarship first payment made (following receipt of proof of enrolment)

August 2020

Nestlé AYDP Scholarship final payment made

(pending continuing enrolment and successful completion of first half of the course)


Does the scholarship need to be spent on anything specific? 

No. The scholarship is to assist you in daily living expenses associated with studying i.e. rent, groceries, computer, text books, travel etc.

What if I am studying part time?

We will consider giving the scholarship to girls studying part time and full time. Girls must intend to study a course that lasts the full time equivalent at least one year.

What if I am deferring my course?

We will consider awarding the scholarship to girls deferring to 2020. They will receive their scholarship funds in the semester or year that they commence studying.

Will the scholarship be given in one
lump sum?

The scholarship will be given in two parts, the first half being given in March 2019 following receipt of proof of successful enrolment and the second in August 2019, subject to continued enrolment and successful completion of the first half of the course.

Can I apply for this scholarship if I have applied or received other scholarships?  

Yes, you can.

What if I leave or defer my studies after I commence them?

You will only receive scholarship payments for the months you are studying. 

Can I be awarded the scholarship twice?

To keep things fair and allow more girls to benefit from the scholarship, we are only allowing a girl to be awarded the scholarship once.

For any questions please contact your Program Manager