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Voluntary withdrawal of Violet Crumble 50g bar

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Violet Crumble 50g

Nestlé Australia has decided to voluntarily withdraw Violet Crumble 50g bars from sale because of a very small number of bars being underweight. We want to reassure our consumers that there are no food safety risks with this product and it’s safe to eat.

Violet Crumble was invented in Melbourne 102 years ago and was one of the first confectionery bars ever made in Australia. Despite the passing of more than a century, the way honeycomb is worked into a Violet Crumble bar remains almost the same, apart from the obvious advances in technology.

The production process for making Violet Crumble is similar to the recipes you make at home – every one comes out slightly different. Honeycomb needs a lot of TLC as it is very brittle and breaks easily during the production process.

At Nestlé, we have to manage these breakages by producing product with an average weight well in excess of 50g. We have identified that a very small number of broken bars have been making it through our detection machines at our factory in Melbourne and have been released for sale.

We are working hard right now to ensure that all Violet Crumble bars comply with Federal Government regulations on net weight ( We hope to return our Violet Crumble 50g bars to sale as quickly as possible.