Nestlé donates food to Cyclone Marcia relief efforts

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Nestlé donates food to Cyclone Marcia relief efforts

More than 10,000 cases of food will be donated by Nestlé Australia to those affected by Cyclone Marcia which destroyed 350 homes and left 40,000 without power last week.

Cases of Uncle Tobys cereal, Uncle Tobys Muesli bars, Maggi noodles, Nescafé coffee and Milo powder are currently on their way to Foodbank in Queensland, one of the charities co-ordinating the relief efforts.

It’s expected the cases of food will begin arriving in Brisbane by Friday then distributed to those in Rockhampton, Yeppoon and surrounding areas.

When it hit land, Cyclone Marcia, was rated as a category five, one of the most severe as it cut through central Queensland with the coastal towns of Yeppoon and Rockhampton worst hit. In addition to the destruction caused by the wind, many homes have been affected by widespread flooding.

As Cyclone Marcia approached Australia, Foodbank reached out to major manufacturers seeking donations of essential items such as food, nappies and personal hygiene items.

Foodbank said it expects relief efforts to continue for the next few weeks when the flooding subsides and the full extent of Marcia’s devastation is revealed.