NAN Comfort 1 infant formula precautionary withdrawal

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Batch code 8226080623, Use by date 14.02.2020

Batch code 8227080621, Use by date 15.02.2020

Nestlé is conducting a precautionary withdrawal of two batches of NAN Comfort 1 infant formula. This is because in a small number of cases, plastic pieces have become detached from the plastic lid during opening.

We understand that parents may be concerned, and can assure parents that the product presents absolutely no health or safety risk to infants.

The safety and quality of our infant formula products, and the health of the children who benefit from them, is Nestlé’s first priority. We investigate any concern regarding the quality of our products with the utmost seriousness and concern for the welfare of our consumers.

We have taken steps to remove the product from sale because we received a small number of queries from consumers regarding small pieces of blue plastic in NAN Comfort 1 infant formula. On investigation, we found that the small pieces of plastic originate from the blue plastic lid during opening the can due to a minor fault with the lids.

To prevent any plastic from falling into the powder, we advise parents to carefully inspect the aluminium foil before opening it.

We are working to get stocks of NAN Comfort 1 back into store as quickly as possible, and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this withdrawal may cause.

We are conducting a full investigation into NAN Comfort 1 at the factory to establish how the problem has occurred.

These batches were distributed in Australia only. Other batches of NAN Comfort 1, and other NAN infant formula products are not affected.

Parents and caregivers looking for advice on NAN Comfort 1 can contact our Careline on 1800 468 8736.