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MILO searches for Australia’s best and fairest

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Australian Cricket Captain and Milo Ambassador Michael Clarke is joining the search to find the nation’s best and fairest young sporting heroes.

The MILO Valuable Player program encourages parents to nominate their kids so they can be honoured as good sports and celebrate the power of teamwork, commitment and leadership.

The grassroots initiative is significant as it teaches the next generation of sporting youngsters that sport (and consequently life) should not be about winning or losing but how you play.

Children are spending less time playing outdoors or being part of a sporting team and this initiative aims to highlight the important role that sport plays.

Supported by Michael Clarke, the national search for children aged 6 to 12 years encourages kids to keep active and acknowledge that life skills are learnt on the field.

“Growing up, sport was always a significant part of my life and I have learnt valuable lessons like teamwork, and both faced and overcame many obstacles on the sporting fields around the world,” said Michael who was filming for the program in Sydney today.

“Encouraging Aussie kids to actively get involved in sport is something I’m passionate about as I have seen and experienced first-hand the many values and principles it teaches".

Parents can nominate their child at for the chance to spend a morning with MVP Mentors and become one of the faces of MILO.