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Our approach

As the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness company we want to use our capacity to highlight and help to address the nutrition concerns prevalent in our community, specifically over-nutrition – obesity and related non-communicable diseases – and under-nutrition – especially micronutrient deficiencies.

Nestlé Oceania is committed to enhancing the quality of consumers’ lives by helping them to achieve and sustain an improved quality of life. We aim to offer products that are of high nutritional value, including offerings for people with specific nutritional needs. We believe that food and nutrition are the basis of good health and that nutritional awareness and improved health and wellness will increasingly drive consumer choice.

We believe that we have a shared responsibility – together with governments, other companies, non-government agencies, the healthcare profession, and other community stakeholders – to effect positive nutritional and lifestyle change through the business we do and the consumers we serve throughout life.

  2010 2011 2012
  • Quality & food safety complaints 23,635 23,171  

  • Consumer Services enquiries (AU & NPI) 76954 68551 61762
    Consumer Services enquiries (NZ) 16351 15805 14749
    PURINA AU enquiries 15608 15405 16940
    PURINA NZ enquiries 3030 2883 2403
    Total enquiries 111943 102644 95854

  • Consumer satisfaction AU 73 86 86
    Consumer satisfaction NZ 95 99 98
    Consumer satisfaction PURINA AU ~ 90 89

  •       Total fat - 37
    Reduction in fats (%)   2.2 TFA - 6
    Reduction in sodium (%)   20.2 2
    Reduction in sugars (%)   5.7 0
    Other product renovations      
    Note: Total Fat = the total number of products not % reduction      

Nutrition in action

At Nestlé, we believe we have a role to play in addressing the global challenge of achieving nutritional balance, steering the population towards good health by providing nutritious products and equipping them with the skills to cook healthy meals.

With this philosophy, in 2015 we continued to improve the nutritional profile of our products and strengthened the delivery of healthy cooking programs focusing on teenagers and their families. The strategy is not about selling more products; it’s underpinned by the responsibility of being the largest food manufacturer in the world and taking action where we can help our consumers adopt healthy eating habits for every stage of life.

Good nutrition is vital for everyone's health and well-being.

Our Nestlé Healthy Active Kids Program aims to increase both the basic knowledge of nutrition and physical exercise in school-aged children through various projects that are implemented at the local level.

The Nestlé & AIS Teachers’ Resource has been developed by Nestlé Australia in partnership with the Australian Institute of Sport as a resource tool for teachers in primary schools.

Nestlé works with the Australian Institute of Sport, particularly in the areas of education and nutrition. Find out how the Nestlé/AIS partnership is making a difference.