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Sourcing oats locally

As a minor crop, vulnerable to disease and drought and with an uncertain market with unreliable economic returns, it had become increasingly difficult to find a sustainable source in Australia that met the standards we needed for our breakfast cereals and snacks.  


As a result UNCLE TOBYS took steps to change the landscape for oats farming, focusing strongly on oats farming in the area surrounding the factory at Wahgunyah on the NSW and Victorian border. This strategy included working with the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) to develop oat breeds that deliver better yields, higher quality, are disease and drought tolerant. It also involved working with farmers to encourage oats sowing and give the assurance of a guaranteed buyer for their crop.

This program has created value for both Nestlé, as a buyer of oats, and the farmers we buy from. It has resulted in a significant increase in the amount of oats procured within a 100km radius of the factory.