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Nestlé Global Healthy Kids

Getting active and acquiring healthy eating habits can help children achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. We’re working hard to do all we can to promote healthier lifestyles and diets for kids.


Nestlé Healthy Kids

The objective of the Nestlé Healthy Active Kids Program is to raise nutrition and health knowledge and promote physical activity among school-age children around the world.

Multi-partnership approaches

Nestlé Healthy Active Kids Programmes are based on multi-partnership approaches: we work with more than 250 partners worldwide, including national and local governments, NGO's, nutrition health institutes and sport federations.

Australian Programme Partner

In 1999 Nestlé Australia teamed with The Australian Institute of Sport to inspire a healthy lifestyle for Australian children. Recognising that sport in Australia plays a major role in shaping our country’s culture and identity, the Australian Institute of Sport are a perfect partner, by helping to promote a love of sport and activity into the lives of our children.

Australian Programme description:

Recognising that children require healthy eating and an active lifestyle, Nestlé and the Australian Institute of Sport have jointly offered a free Health and Physical Education teaching resource called Healthy Active Kids for upper primary teachers.

  • Launched in 2001 (initially under the name ‘Get the AIS in your classroom)
  • A FREE resource, accessed online at
  • Developed by teachers, for teachers
  • Aligned with the curriculum of every Australian state and territory
  • Includes lesson plans, student worksheets, videos and games
  • Pre-and-post-training assessment components to test its effectiveness

There are 8 units covering the following content areas:
Unit 1: Food and Nutrition
Unit 2: Health Benefits of Physical Activity
Unit 3: Mental Health and Wellbeing
Unit 4: Safety
Unit 5: Challenge and Adventure
Unit 6: Fundamental Movement Skills
Unit 7: Games and Sport
Unit 8: Lifelong Physical Activities

Download the free Healthy Active Kids Booklet

Value to the Australian Community

Nestlé Healthy Kids

The resource has been offered to schools in consultation with Education Departments in each State and Territory of Australia.

More than half of Australian primary schools are now registered as users of the programme and an estimated 250,000 lessons using the resource are taught to students each year. A result we are proud of even though we acknowledge there is more to do to reach every Australian primary school.

We are also pleased to have provided assistance to teachers around Australia and value their feedback:

It is fantastic! There is a wealth of resources that not only fit the curriculum requirements, but also enthuse the students. There is more than enough for a year.
Petra Turner, McLaren Vale Primary School, SA

I think the resource is excellent. It provides a great range of activities so that students can make informed health and lifestyle choices. I have been able to adapt the resource to suit years 4, 5 and 6 students. It is well structured, easy to follow and linked directly to the curriculum. It is a fantastic ready to go resource and I would highly recommend it to primary teachers.
Felicity McMaster – Coolah Central Schools, Coolah, NSW

Next Steps:

The key objective going forward is to ensure the sustainability of the programme via expansion of the on-line resource and directly into schools:

  • Redeveloping the resource to meet the new Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education.
  • Expanding interactive content to better compliment the latest teaching methods in Australian schools, including increased interactivity.
  • Developing a measurement and evaluation programme with a third party research Professor from a leading Australian university.
  • Working closely with individual schools to offer professional development of teachers, to enhance their capacity in teaching nutrition to students.

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