Embedded in our business is the Nestlé’s Continuous Excellence (NCE) initiative which means we are always looking at ways to improve efficiency, quality and productivity with fewer resources and less waste.

As part of our commitment to zero waste to landfill in our operations, our efforts to reduce waste have shown marked improvement over the last decade. In 2013 we sent 3,906 tonnes of waste to landfill.

2014 Oceania Target
Reduce the amount of waste disposed to landfill by 10%

Case Study: Reducing waste to landfill

The UNCLE TOBYS factory had been one of the biggest contributors to the company’s total waste-to-landfill figures.

The factory set itself an objective to develop a comprehensive waste management plan with the aim of converting landfill from an expensive overhead to a quality-assured income stream.

Now up to 70% of the site’s waste is segregated into specific bins or compacted into bales, diverting around 300 tonnes of material from landfill. These materials now generate income through conversion into stockfeed or entering recyclable plastic and cardboard waste streams.