Supply Chain

"I can hook into people from around the world, with other supply chain experts within Nestlé to share experience and gain knowledge and ideas. Resources available to you are unparalleled"

Tim, Supply Chain

Global tools, local expertise and autonomy.

There are very few organisations in the Oceania region that can offer you the variety, breadth and volume of a supply chain network like Nestlé can. We operate a large and complex supply chain network and procurement team in the Oceania region. From national supermarket chains in Australia and New Zealand, to small outposts in Papua New Guinea, we pride ourselves on the flawless delivery of our diverse portfolio of local brands to our local customers.

You will be exposed to the coordination of our locally manufactured products in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, as well as gain experience in imports from all around the world.

Our people are passionate about delivering the right goods on time, every time. That is why adaptability and flawless execution is at the core of everything we do. You’ll help us gain a real competitive edge with our supply chain because you want to contribute every day.

For those in procurement, our direct materials, and services and indirect materials teams, ensure we have the materials, ingredients and services to produce our diverse portfolio of local brands. This team delivers flawless support to internal stakeholder across our sites whilst managing relationships with our supplier groups.

When it comes to supply chain, no matter which team you become a part of, you can expect access to global tools, local expertise, and a range of career development opportunities.

The resources available to employees are unparalleled, but more importantly we have a supportive and encouraging environment to work and grow in.

Embark on a challenging role in:

  • Procurement
  • Customer Service
  • Demand and Supply Planning
  • Physical logistics
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management