CERELAC Oats with Prune

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CERELAC infant cereals will undergo a recipe and name update. Click here to find out more.

After learning how to take solid food, Nestlé CERELAC Oats with Prune is another step forward in your baby's journey of nutritional discoveries. It contains oat grain, tasty prunes, is rich in iron, and when prepared has a fine texture ideal for babies from 6 months. CERELAC also contains probiotic, Bifidus BL, and is rich in iron, containing on average 61% of the RDI* per serve. 

*Recommended dietary intake for infants 6-12 months

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Nutritional Information
Feeding Table
Mothers should continue breastfeeding during and after introduction of complementary foods. As babies grow at different paces, health professionals should advise the parents on the appropriate time when their baby should start receiving complementary foods.