Our Nutrition Partners

We believe that we have a shared responsibility – together with governments, other companies, non-government agencies, the healthcare profession, and other community stakeholders. We create and maintain mutually beneficial and long-term relationships with partners to accomplish shared goals.

Australian Institute of Sport

Nestlé has partnered with the AIS since 1999 and has helped bring over 32 years of sports nutrition and fitness expertise into the lives of everyday Australians. This includes free nutrition education resources for school teachers.


Glycemic Index Program

Nestlé is a supporter of the GI Symbol Program, a public health initiative which provides accurate and balanced information on the benefits of low GI and sound nutrition.

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia

Nestlé is a supporter of Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia. Over the years we have worked to improve ingredient(allergen) labelling for consumers with food allergies.


School Canteen Association

Nestlé believes in the importance of providing better food choices for children. We have approximately 60 products Healthy Kids registered (optional as Green or Amber).

Nutrition Society of Australia

Nestlé has partnered with the Nutrition Society of Australia to jointly host over 20 Nutrition Update Days for healthcare professionals. Nestlé also supports an annual Emerging Researcher Award for Nutrition Society members.


Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council

Nestlé is a contributor organisation of GLNC who are the independent authority on the nutrition and health benefits of grains and legumes.

Healthier Australia Commitment

Nestlé is a foundation member of the Healthier Australia Commitment which aims to help reduce the incidence of chronic preventable diseases in Australia. Together Counts is an initiative encouraging energy balance for families.