Understanding Food Labelling

Being able to read and interpret food labels is an important step towards making healthier food choices.

Food labels display a range of information including the nutritional panel, ingredients list, allergens and advisory statements. Most manufactured foods are required to have a nutritional panel. The few exceptions include those sold in very small packages, as well as tea, coffee, and herbs and spices. It pays to remember that some of the most nutritious food may not have labels – foods such as fruit, vegetables and fresh meat. Click below the tiles to find out more details.

The nutritional information panel can help you see the different types and quantities of nutrients in a single serve of a packaged food. The ingredient list indicates all of the items that go into a packaged food.

Making healthier choices for you and your family can be very confusing. That's why all our Nestlé products have the Nestlé Nutritional Compass® on back of the pack.


Now it is easier to find out how Nestlé products can fit into a balanced diet … while you’re still shopping! In an effort to help Australians know more about what’s in their food when they’re in the supermarket, Nestlé has launched new Beyond The Label Quick Response (QR) codes on over 150 of its MAGGI products. Soon they’ll be on more Nestlé products too.

Nestlé Australia and New Zealand has announced that it will be implementing the voluntary Health Star Rating scheme that was approved by the Federal Government in June 2014.